Thank you for visiting small business website! We work exclusively in WordPress to deliver the best company websites. In this article, we highlight 10 reasons why you should opt for WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS system. CMS stands for Content Management System. It once started out as a simple blog system, in which the home page of your website always showed your latest (blog) messages. You can now use WordPress for so much more. WordPress is nowadays an extensive CMS with a whole ecosystem of plugins and themes around it. It is now so powerfull that it is even used by large (Fortune 500) companies. As a result, the question ‘What is WordPress?’ Can not be answered with one simple explenation.

10 reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website

Let’s continue our story. So we know what the definition of WordPress is. And we know what a CMS is. But what exactly makes WordPress the most popular CMS in the world? Let’s try to answer that questions by the hand of 10 bullet points.

1. Most used CMS in the world!

Ok, let’s explain first and foremost what a CMS is. CMS stands for Content Management System. This is a system that manages the creation and modification of digital content. So basically, this is the system that is used to run your website. WordPress is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most user-friendly CMS in the world, and therefore, the most used.

Who is using WordPress?

A logical question is: if WordPress is so great and popular, who uses WordPress? There are quite a few websites that use WordPress, including us! You may never have heard of us, but probably from the White House, The Rolling Stones and Microsoft!

2. WordPress is user-friendly

The back-end (where you manage your website) is extremely user-friendly and well-organized. With a few clicks you have created a new page, your menu changes or a different theme is installed.

3. WordPress is flexible and easy to expand

Because WordPress is so popular, there are also many different expansions available, both free and paid. There are thousands of free WordPress plugins with which you can add all kinds of functionalities to your website. Building a Webshop in WordPress? Then you use the free plugin WooCommerce. Do you set up SEO well? Install the Yoast SEO plugin for free. And there are many more plugins, themes and other software that extend WordPress with extra functionality.

4. More about WordPress plugins

A plugin is a small software addition. Thanks to the large community behind WordPress, tens of thousands of free plugins are available. Besides that, there are thousands of more extensive paid plugins. There is a free or paid plugin for almost every conceivable functionality. For sliders, newsletters, SEO, tables, graphs, to improve website speed, social media, forums and even web shops.

social media grids on WordPress

5. Integrate social media easily

With WordPress, you can integrate social media into your website in no time. You can think of social media buttons, a sharebar, a Twitter feed, a Facebook feed, a Pinterest follow button or a Google+ badge. You can download a plugin or you can paste an embed code (which you can find on the website of all popular social media platforms in your sidebar.

6. Easy to prevent spam

Burden of spam? In your reactions or via the contact form? No problem. There are dozens of plugins available that protect your website against spam. So you have Akismet (do you need an account for (but is free for personal websites)). Akismet is the most popular anti-spam plugin for WordPress

7. WordPress is safe

You want your website to be safe. The developers of WordPress too. They do everything to keep the security up-to-date. Regular updates of the WordPress ensure that the latest security techniques are applied.

wordpress company website

8. WordPress is search engine friendly

You want your website to be found in the search engine. WordPress is very search engine friendly. And with a few clicks, create search engine friendly permalinks (URLs) and install the SEO plugin from Yoast. That plugin helps you with a sitemap, setting up titles and even optimizing your content.

9. WordPress supports your language (probably!)

WordPress is available is many different languages. This means that the interface is most probably available in your language. Moreover, WordPress enables you to easily create multilanguage websites as there are many free and premium plugins available to translate the content of your website. One of the most-used plugins worldwide is:

10. WordPress puts you in the driver seat

As I said before, WordPress gives you control over your website. You do not need programming skills, while you are not dependent on a website builder or designer to keep your website up to date.

Once your WordPress website is up and running, all you have to do is learn which functions and applications are available for WordPress and how you can best apply them.

Our verdict

WordPress is the most popular system for building a website. Because WordPress is used by so many people it is also very easy to get (free) information about WordPress. WordPress is also very easy to use. If you are a little handy with computers, learning WordPress is a piece of cake!

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