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Your target group is looking for you, but do they know how to find you? The other way around: do you know with which keywords your target group crawls behind the computer? A certain search term is very common to you, while your customer might search for potential services or products using a synonym. An extensive keyword research tells you which search queries you need to be ready in the search engines. A keywords search for your business is the first step of an SEO (search engine optimization) plan.

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3 pillars of the ultimate keyword group 

The holy grail in keyword research? That is finding a group of keywords that meet the following domains:

  • Keywords that many prospects are looking for
  • With few competitors
  • That generates a lot of conversions on your website

This way, you immediately know the three pillars of result-oriented keyword research:

  • High search volume
  • Little competition
  • High conversion rate

1. High Search Volume

How many people type a certain keyword in their search bar? The more the better! The more you can attract to your landing page.

2. Little competition

How many of those potential visitors will  find your website? That depends on your competitors. In an ideal scenario, you are the only one who optimizes a web page for a keyword or key phrase. Then your efforts immediately result in the top position in the search results. And you’ll take off with practically all possible visitors.

3. High conversion rate

When you have found a keyword or group of keywords with a high search volume and few competitors, then there is one more SEO-indicator you cannot ignore. The conversion rate. That is the percentage of visitors that also do what you expect from them (purchase, registration, information request, …).

Meet the experts

Meet Some Key SEO Players

Marieke van de Rakt

Partner Yoast

Keyword research is the first step in the SEO copywriting process and an essential part of any SEO strategy. Before you write your website content, you need to think about which search terms you want to be found for and this means getting inside people’s heads to find out which words they use when searching. Learn more: Yoast ultimate Keywords Research Guide

Neil patel

Co-Founder of Neil Patel Digital

They say that anything worth doing is worth doing well, right?

But they also say you should work smarter, not harder.When it comes to SEO, both sayings are true.

You want to make sure you’re putting in a solid effort, taking time to find the right keywords, and setting yourself up for success. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend countless hours of your day doing it. Learn more: Dominate keyword research in less than 30 minutes a day.

Larry Kim

CEO & Founder at Wordstream

 I just want to share three quick tips inspired by the webinar. If you’re looking to accomplish something beyond just dumping a seed term into a keyword tool, these clever tricks should jump-start your next keyword research session. Learn more: 3 Super actionable Keyword Research Tips.

Start with Search Engine Optimization

Start Connecting With Your Clients!

We understand that starting with Search Engine Optimization is overwhelming. One step at the time is our motto. don’t rush things, but get organized. As indicated in the introduction of this blog, start with Keyword Research. Make sure you nail that. Then, and only then, move on the next step. 

Need help?

Is Search Engine Optimization not your core? Is it too time-consuming or simply not working for you? Let us help! We offer help in many different ways. Drop us a line in the comment section or send us an email. 

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