With a website, you put your company online in the spot lights. If you do that well, you can benefit considerably. But what are the characteristics of a good website and how does it work optimally on all devices?

What are you going to learn?

1. A website should guide your visitors (customers) to your conversion goal
2. Storytelling will increase the conversion rate
3. Optimisation cannot be achieved without testing and measuring

Website Conversions

For most entrepreneurs, a good website must ensure conversion. A website is part of your omni-channel strategy, in which the customer is central. Your website has to guide your visitors (customers) to your conversion goal, whether it is the purchase of a product, the request of a quote or an enrollment for a course. A good site, therefore, meets your customer’s expectations as much as possible. A bad experience ensures that this customer does not come back.

Customer journey

Each online purchase process goes through four phases: seeing (awareness), thinking (considering), doing (purchasing) and keeping (loyalty). This is the customer journey that must ensure the conversion. By taking your site visitors with storytelling step by step in the right direction and influencing them where necessary, the conversion percentage will increase. You can influence this by directly speaking to your customer and choosing a personal approach on your site. Tell in a clear language who you are, what your company stands for and why customers should do business with you. Use images that support this message. A clear structure and a well-functioning search function also contribute to a positive customer experience. Of course, a striking call-to-action can not be missed.

Website content that doesn’t work

In addition to things that work well, there are also things that you can better avoid on your website. This is how visitors flock off massively at a loading time of more than 3/4 seconds. Long videos and large images make your site slow, but you can also remove unnecessary plugins. A slider, a direct pop-up with the question of whether you want to receive the newsletter, or an annoying chat box function often cause irritation and therefore often have a counterproductive effect. Even far into the purchase process, you can have to deal with conversion killers. When customers are exposed to unexpected delivery costs at the end of the process. Or use insecure payment methods, they will surely cancel the purchase and therefore the conversion process stops.

Mobile Responsive and Mobile speed

Even more important than having a good website is having a good website that also works optimally on tablet and mobile. Figures show that people watch their mobile phone 200 times a day on average. And where in 2015 only 20% of the online purchases were made via mobile or tablet, that is already the case at 49% today. That is why Google has been using mobile-first indexing since this month. Google is no longer using the desktop version but the mobile version of websites for compiling the search results.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to further optimize your site, it is important to continuously test and monitor your site. What are the relevant search terms you want to be found on? What information do your customers need? And although search engines are crazy about content, the advice from our SEO-experts is to keep things simple and clear. “Stop defeating Google. Think of your customer first.

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